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For reliable self storage solutions in Hamilton, Ngaruawahia and Waihi, Absolute Storage is the team to call. Here on this page you will find some useful information relating to storage.


Packing for self-storage will need some thought and planning before you start. After all, one of the advantages of using Absolute Storage is the fact that you can still access your items while they are in storage.

The first thing to remember is to pack in an order that you can find things quickly at a later date without unloading everything you've stored. A list of what you're packing and where you have placed it in your storage space is helpful.

Also remember to use good quality, similar sized boxes that stack nicely on top of each other. This helps to save space. We recommend marking boxes with 'fragile' to prevent breakage when moving them in the future.

Save space by dismantling furniture such as tables and beds before putting into storage making sure you keep all small pieces together and labeled so you can assemble your furniture again.

If you have any questions about ideal ways to store things, please contact us in Hamilton or any of our locations today.


Here are some useful pointers to remember while organising your storage unit:
  • If your unit is large enough, try to create a small isle so that you will still be able to access some gear and have a small area to rearrange things
  • Make sure that you have placed your items so that you can easily access them and identify them when you want them
  • These are your belongings, so you must take care when storing - there are measures that you can take apart from careful packing, that will help protect them during storage
  • Store your biggest items first
  • If you're stacking your boxes high in your storage unit, make sure you put the heaviest boxes at the bottom to avoid damage
  • Stack boxes and items similarly sized together to save space
  • Avoid resting metal objects against susceptible items that they may damage
  • Try to assess the items that you will frequently need and store them at the front of your unit
  • Washing machines, fridges, wardrobes, drawers or any other hollow item can help maximise your storage space if you fill them as well with other items or small boxes
  • Do not store anything vertically in the unit if you are not sure it is sturdy - if it does not seem stable, store it horizontally
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