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As a storage company that focuses on supreme security, both our Hamilton branches and our Ngaruawahia branch have swipe card access with separate entry and exit gates to alleviate congestion. The majority of these sites are built to the boundaries with solid concrete walls with the remainder being enclosed with security fencing.

Comprehensive CCTV surveillance and recording is in operation at all of these branches with Ngaruawahia having the added security of the units being alarmed and monitored. We also provide a good solid padlock for your convenience at no cost to you.

Our Waihi branch has a combination code access gate and a separate exit gate. 

We are also insurance approved by all Insurance companies for your piece of mind when your goods are stored with us.
View of a car parked in the storage container


As a storage company that focuses on keeping our customers happy, how our units are constructed is also important along with the security.Our Hamilton and Ngaruawahia storage units are constructed with Metra Panel partitioning. This is a product similar to what kitchen cabinets are made of but is 36mm thick and very dense, designed to take any knocks and scrapes that may happen while moving furniture and goods around inside the units. They are also white in colour which gives great natural light. Far superior than steel sheeting or roofing iron, which is often used.

Tilt slab concrete is used where the units are built on a boundary for maximum strength and durability.

All our driveways are concrete not asphalt. This lets you place any furniture you may need to double handle on to the surface without any fear of discoloration or damage from stones sticking to the bottom.

Our Waihi storage units are solid concrete on 3 sides with the garage doors at the front of the units.

Feel free to compare any of these features with any of our competitors.
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