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For reliable self storage solutions in Hamilton, Ngaruawahia and Waihi, Absolute Storage is the team to call. On this page you will find some useful information relating to choosing a suitable storage facility that meets your needs.


Here are some things to remember when choosing a self storage facility. We believe we tick all the boxes when it comes to self storage in Hamilton, Ngaruawahia and Waihi.
  • What security does the complex have to offer?
  • When can you access your unit or when can you talk to someone regarding storage?
  • What size units do they have to offer?
  • Are the contents of your units visible to anyone else?
  • What are they constructed of?
  • What type of pest control if any, do they offer?
  • What has to be paid up front? What do you get for that?
  • Do they offer any trailers to aid with shifting?
  • Is the company insurance approved?


Regardless of which Company you store with, here is a timeline suggestion of things you may need to organize and address before you vacate a property and put your gear into a storage unit.

Have a garage sale about four weeks out so you’re not storing unwanted goods that may go to the tip or to charity.

Arrange a furniture removal company (if you’re using one) or book a truck to hire so you have a date to work to.

If you’re renting, give notice to the landlord making sure you have somewhere to go!

Contact your insurance company advising them that your gear is going in to storage.

Start packing the items you use the least so they are out of the way and ready to be moved on the day. Remember to check attics or garden sheds and basements for items that are easily overlooked.

Start accumulating boxes of a uniform size so they’re easy to stack high.

Contact Banks, Doctors, Solicitors, subscriptions, friends, etc. notifying them of your change of address.

Organise your mail to be forwarded for at least 3 months to cover people or companies you may have forgotten to notify.

Send a generic email out to your email contacts about your change of address.

About 3 weeks out, start using up the meat in your freezer and items you have bought in bulk.

Make sure you organise someone to help you move (no one usually wants to but you can try).

About a week out organize final power and gas readings and phone disconnections or call forwarding.

Make sure all your bills are paid especially if you pay bills online.

Move some of your gear to friends if they are looking after items like pot plants or garden furniture and trampolines.

Don’t forget to pack the garden features water features and specialty lights you may have set up.

Have someone else look after your pets for the day you’re moving.

Return anything you’ve borrowed off the neighbours or face your fears and ask for the items back that you may have lent them over the years and never got them back.

Talk to everyone in the family to see if you’ve forgotten anything.

One day out confirm with the removal company or truck hireage place of your booking.

Pick up the keys to your storage unit.

Good luck and don’t blame the storage company if they didn’t advise you of anything you should do leading up to your big move!
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